Verbal warfare through radical ideals

Blinded By Fear

Good day, children.

If you’re like me, then today is proof that the world around us is filled to the brim with people. People, who do some of the most absolutely ludicrous things on the planet. People who are perfectly willing to believe in superstitious, nonsensical folklore. People who would dare spend their life savings to attempt to escape an apocalypse… that isn’t going to happen.

Few things are as powerful as fear. The dread that comes with believing that one’s own life may end is sobering, and terrifying. That’s why millions of people around the planet have spent countless resources on building large bunkers, stockpiling weapons, hoarding non-perishable goods, and slowly building a surplus of items and useless trinkets in an effort to evade what they believe will occur today, which is what people would refer to as the “End-Times”. Now, if such an event were to take place, these people would control everything. They would be well-prepared survivalists taking charge in a world that would be devoid of all its conveniences, major resources, and currency. These people would undoubtedly live much longer than others, as people who had not equally given thought to such a cataclysmic event died off in rather tragic, and embarrassing events. These groups of people who have been dubbed as “preppers”, are known by many to be some of the most practical individuals to ever come up with a plan. They spend tons of cash in order to produce a stronghold of goods that can sustain a family and others for long periods of time, as well as produce a sizable arsenal of firearms and munitions. Sounds like a great idea, right? Wrong.

Sorry to be the pessimist to eradicate this stance, but I grow weary of listening to people place these neurologically-disturbed megalomaniacs on a pedestal. I don’t truly understand why, either. These people are fear-mongering, apocalyptic wet-dreamers, who pine away for the day the system dies. Don’t give me that pathetic “I’d rather be prepared than not” argument. Chances are, if you had to witness the obscene amount of archaic thinking that these people force themselves, as well as their families into on a daily basis, you’d probably choose suicide as the worthy alternative. The vast number of things they give up to run useless fire-drills for ridiculous scenarios often tend to give anyone a headache. It doesn’t take a genius to become a prepper, either. A few how-to books, canned goods, hunting equipment, and a stupid amount of patience, and you can become an insane, pre-colonial merchant, with the mindset of an insane, pre-colonial merchant. What seems like a list of essentials to these people, is nothing but a Wal-Mart departmental scavenger hunt, to anyone else. This is all accomplished simply to look pretty as the items sit stagnating until lack of use, and the elements take them back to the Earth; more amusing, is the scenario where the prepper grows up, and starts to join the age of reason, where they don’t need any of that shit, and they aren’t preparing for the walking dead to come rip their faces off.

Now, it may seem like I’m picking on these people. This would be true, and absolutely unfair. I should discuss the other two groups that have led to the buildup of this ridiculous bedtime story:

Religious, and “spiritual” people.

To those of you who take your religion into perspective, I apologize on behalf of these lunatics who are making your religion look more insane than it is. They would apologize themselves, but they’re too busy waiting to re-enact the scene from Independence Day where they get blown up by the pretty disc-shaped, space-age battleship. I also wish that you all weren’t the easiest target, but religion helped craft this mess, so the burden lies on your shoulders. We already know that the Mayans who “ended their calendar on this date”, didn’t end it. It’s a cycle, therein providing us with evidence that something is meant to start after this date. We also know this date is painfully inaccurate, and we are currently at the end, of the end of the Mayan Long Count; not the beginning, which was the original prediction. This is due to the fact Mayans did not have Leap Years, which takes quite a bit of a chunk out of the evidence that some people claim for their time-frame calculations. We also can’t count on any large celestial objects striking us, as these would be visible years, and months in advance, which would be impossible to keep secret with the vast number of astronomers on the planet, both professional and amateur, who keep both eyes on the sky every night.

This hasn’t stopped masses of religious people from claiming that such an event is ‘foretold’, despite the evidence against it. To reiterate a useless quote that is unfailingly regurgitated to me by faith-based people, Mark 13:32 states:

“But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.”

This is obviously meant to be an end-all one-liner to the popular “The End Is Nigh” argument, but all I can see is another desperate cop-out to providing proof. To state that “oh well you don’t know but I know my God knows”, is the easiest way to make sure most people can’t retort. It’s a pathetic defense-mechanism to bring some form of false omnipotence to a sky-deity that they already have zero physical evidence of, but still wish to ascribe powers to, such as the one they invent in this case: foresight.

The lesser of these two evils, but still equally pointless, are the demographic of people who call themselves “spiritual”. These are people, who while they may not feel inclined to involve themselves with the complexities of organized religion, still feel that there has to be some sense of supernatural involvement in the world, therein they have caused a subculture to emerge from the religious, known as “spiritual”. With this line, I’m of course inviting every agitated person on the planet who has “eclectic” beliefs to throw a tantrum on me, as they attempt to explain how there is an actual discernible difference between the two creeds. Unfortunately, regardless of what nuance you’d like you use to justify it, you either believe in ghosts or you don’t. But I digress.

These “spiritual” people have joined together with the religious right and left in order to take away the doom and gloom that already didn’t seem to exist within the Mayan Calendar end, in the first place. The way they’ve abused this backpedal, is by informing others by stating ‘don’t worry, the end won’t come on the 21st. The Mayans said this is the start of a period of rebirth, and enlightenment!’

Once again, another shameless cop-out takes the place of just admitting that this entire belief system is founded on baseless talking points. Because the first one didn’t sell too well, they presumed it would be easier to make people think positively about the issue, so they spread that it should be celebrated, rather than feared. Why, you may ask? Because it’s so much easier to bring new blood into a circle of like-minded people if they are swayed to have good vibes regarding things that make one seem more worldly. In reality, they know nothing of the culture they’re all attempting to decipher through so-called “prophecies”, and have therein resorted to recycling trendy viewpoints regarding the date, using misinterpreted information from religious organizations, as well as science fiction authors, and various tourism agencies.

Today is the 21st. Today, I went Christmas shopping for people I care about, just like I do when I wait until the last minute to shop every year. Tomorrow will be another day of the same thing for others, as they complete daily routines and prepare for the holidays. That isn’t the case for some unlucky children, however. This year, some kids are going to be forced to suffer their parents, as well as their over-zealous religious bullshit, or their parent’s apocalypse-obsessed paranoia. Some kids, won’t receive a Christmas present this year, because their parents were too busy stockpiling arms and constructing useless architecture in order to escape an Armageddon that never came. I would love to say the culprits are the devoutly religious, or even these ‘spiritual’ half-assers, but unfortunately they only have one trait in common that makes them equally at fault:


These two people are grasping to some hope that perhaps something won’t come true, and yet some of them do. Quite a few of these people who would claim to be sane, still clutch to a vain desire to give their lives more relevance than they possess. It’s the single greatest power driving them to do idiotic things in the fear, or hope of their own demise. Many of these people believe strictly out of the desperation to cling to the idea that something grand, and awe-inspiring will happen in their time; whether that be a period of enlightenment and advancement, or the death of all living beings, they continue to pray it happens. Anything to give a bit of self-affirming confidence. It’s what they constantly ask for, and yet they’ll never receive what they desire. What they want can’t be obtained, because only in grand tales of myths and monsters do these occurrences come to pass.

To those of you who felt December 21st, 2012 held any relevance:

You are blind. Nothing has happened, nor will it. You’ve taken a leap of faith into another belief system that won’t grant you any prosperity, or results. You’ve allowed yourself a lapse of insanity that you should now take a moment to reflect upon. Your life is no more important than any other on the planet. You’ve wasted time, and precious resources on trying to gain some sense of enlightenment out of an ancient clock, designed simply to count forward far enough that there would no longer be a need for it. You should also be aware, that you’ve decided to roll the dice while betting on a group of primitive people who used ritualistic sacrifice to attempt to coax the deities they invented into providing rain, or growth for crops. If you didn’t feel ashamed of yourself before, you should probably start now.

How long are we going to permit people to continue to take wild guesses at the end-times, while scaring others into irrational actions? When will people come to their senses, and realize that human minds are the furthest from perfect imaginable, and the only thing our species is completely capable of doing, is manipulating others, and getting things absolutely wrong? At what point will we hold people accountable for proclaiming doom, and spreading fear to the masses? When will we finally drop the folklore of our time? Will we evolve to forget such tales, or much like the Mayans, will we believe it blindly up until the point we’re systematically wiped out?

I called this years ago, and today is the day I can tell all of my friends who were worried, all my relatives who became nervous, and all the strangers who were itching with anticipation…

You were wrong, and your disgraceful superstitions were worthless.



4 responses

  1. I often feel that people confuse the fall of civilization and the End Of The World! If zombies take over the planet, sure those canned goods might come in handy. End of the world?? The end of something means it ceases to be. No amount of planning or stockpiling needed for the end.
    Humorous take on that aside, you are right that fear is another way to control people. It’s sad that many people are still so gullible/willing to believe and count on the worst happening.

    December 22, 2012 at 3:26 AM

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