Verbal warfare through radical ideals

Four More Years

Congratulations, Mr.  President on winning re-election! You should not only be proud of your supporters for their vast amounts of help, but be proud of the changes you’ve made during your career that have led to once again, another history-making win.


1) You have to stop this quiet, centrist bullshit. Either cast your absolute support for an alternative to the current list of finite fuel sources we have now, or shove hard so that we’re competing in fuel independence. Either way, you must come to terms with the inevitability of our loss of fossil fuels. Don’t look four years ahead. Look forty.

2)  Do something about immigration, and be loud. We’re not asking for you to “promise” some results. We’re asking for a concrete plan, or adopt the DREAM act. We’re not giving you a choice anymore. We gave you a second chance to make yourself a legend. It’s time to prove you’re going to help minorities who want to live the dream.

3) That obscene defense budget: Fix it. Put it into paying off debt,  and ensure that we’re still eight years technologically superior to the competition. As long as we’re right where we should be, (which we are, currently) no one can bitch.

4) Congress is a roadblock. You’re going to have to accept it, and go around them as often as possible. They are not going to help you out of spite, and this can only be titled as what it is:

POLITICAL SABOTAGE. It may seem like you’re dodging a necessary system, but unfortunately this is how you’ll accomplish the most. Accept this.

5) Close Guantanamo. Stop evading it. Find a spot to place these prisoners on our soil, regardless of who likes it. This place needs to go, and you promised. Don’t disappoint us again.

6) Set the strict boundary of the separation of church and state. People are forgetting it, and it needs to be a thick, red line.

7) Legalize marijuana, and tax the hell out of it. It may not be a significant dent in the debt, but it’s something. They want it? They should pay the price for it.

8) Reevaluate the NDAA. Regardless of when you’re going to “allow” it to go into effect, we don’t want it. It’s a step in the wrong direction.

9) Take a look backwards to create more jobs. FDR’s “New Deal” was ingenious, and it did everything for this country that it needed to. You need your own, and you should reinvest into the restructuring of our country through a similar program, as well as contributing to producing many goods domestically again. It couldn’t hurt to create a program dedicated to national parks, either.

10) You need to get the word out regarding abortion. Either it’s significantly more helpful than people first concluded, and will advance research decades ahead of other nations. Or, you don’t wish to go that route, and will be opposed to it. We’re confused on which side of 1970 you’re behind.

11) GIVE US BACK OUR FUCKING SPACE BUDGET. Do not fail us again.


With these steps, you can ensure that you’ll be fondly remembered as a great president. These points aren’t particularly well-articulated, nor are they the ONLY things you should do. Only you know what all you should focus on, and I guess we’ll have to leave you to it. However, you should know that people worked ridiculously hard to grant you a second chance at pleasing everyone you can. You don’t want to be remembered as the president who let half of the major issues slip right past you. If you do, we will not be so tolerant!




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