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Library of the Runemasters: 3/23/2012

It started as a decent evening of PvP, but quickly descended into the pits of “wtf happened?!”.

At first, this match started just like any other. The Guardians jumped off on their side, as we did on our side. We obtained the first Rune vessel, and ran up the stairs to regroup with our second rune carrier. As we approached the center of the platform, form some reason our soldiers took a turn for the worst, as they decided to start running from enemies that were aggressively approaching. Instead of doing the logical thing, which would be to fall back into a defensive line with multiple team members and begin shoving back to retain control of the center, our team instead began the most blatantly inept maneuver possible.

My team thought it a much better action to not only run straight through the warmly waiting line of DPS we had awaiting, but our carriers followed the original runners as well down the back of our steps, in what can only be described as the idiot’s “Hail Mary” play. This of course ended horribly, as they ran face first into a waiting squad of six attackers who ripped them to pieces in a matter of seconds. This disheartened the team greatly, and obviously had the effect of demoralization they wanted, as the margin in points separating Defiants from Guardians swiftly grew over the next 3 minutes. Regardless of coaching on which part of the room had the least protected rune, or despite the fact I repeatedly followed people to pry off attackers as our people collected the vessels, they still fell short with a score of 355-1000. Absolute disgrace.

The lesson to be learned here is simple. If your allies are close, there’s no need to put distance between you and the attacking forces regardless of your condition. A few extra moments at their side can easily be enough to discourage most opposition to rethink their battle tactics if they feel it could be just as damaging to them as it is to you. There’s also little reason for anyone to leave the platform of healers, when you can maintain a visual contact with the healers to show them that your health is significantly depleting. Had our team members and carriers been a little more daring when engaging the enemy, they would’ve easily pulled a win out of that atrocity. That’s what happens though, when people refuse to communicate and continuously consider themselves to be more relevant in the grand scheme of the match than the rest of the team.

On a side note, I grow weary of hearing this dying carousel of an argument that “your health goes down faster if two or more carriers stand next to each other”. Let me debunk this myth for you. It’s not true. Quite the opposite in fact. When someone picks up a rune vessel, every few seconds the carrier’s health is going to begin to deteriorate. You can heal this off, for roughly the first 8 times relatively easily. After that, the health depletion begins to become more severe, causing the healer to either work harder to pump stronger heals out, or force the carrier to shield constantly and try to maintain every inch of life possible through their own abilities. After close to 25 or 30 depletions, the strength of the debuff will take its toll and the carrier will die. This is an inevitable event, and cannot be prevented regardless of how many healers are on a single carrier. With a decent set of heals though, you can stretch a group of carriers to an adequately held stretch of time. No additional debuffs stack if one carrier approaches another. No tethering of damage affects the other carrier, and it doesn’t decrease the cooldown in between HP depletions. The ONLY reason that stacking carriers together could be considered dangerous to their survival, is because when the enemy team wises up to your team’s carrier positions, it’s only a matter of time before they charge in after them. When this happens, a flurry of AoE attacks will systematically kill off the carriers along with the debuff if they are standing next to each other.

There…debunked. Either way, had to bring attention to that, because if I hear one more person spreads that piece of disinformation I’m going to go insane.



2 responses

  1. Bizar

    Vessel carriers do take extra damage when they stand next to each other. It isn’t as soon as they come into proximity. It occurs when they are in close proximity AND take damage from the vessel at which point it applies and extra tick of damage.

    March 23, 2012 at 6:22 AM

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