Verbal warfare through radical ideals

The shogun’s prelude to campaign success

If there is one thing that I’ve made painstaking efforts to grasp in my many years in online gaming, it’s the cohesive effort of multiple individuals who band together to create a highly capable, dangerously well-rounded PvP team. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about your common FPS (first-person shooter), or the fairly familiar MMORPG title you see today. There are certain groups of people, who when they join together with others are so united in concurrent catastrophe, that they work like a well-trained military unit. You’ve probably participated in one of these teams, or perhaps have vicariously seen their impact on the battlefield. It’s an inspiring feeling, and can also be an unsettling one.

Knowing that the team you’re facing has trampled your entire force instantaneously is always a sign that you’re either fighting one of the most highly geared, ridiculously over-powered strike teams imaginable, or that their teamwork abilities are so polished that it’s as if they aren’t acting like multiple people at all. That group turns swiftly from a squad of attackers, into a swarm of invaders before your eyes. While this can be incredibly humbling, it’s important to remember that the only reason that the other team won can be simplified to two different reasons overall. (This is excluding the idea of unbalanced gear, mind you…which is a minimal issue at best)

1) Their team worked together to systematically stamp out yours in a streamlined targeting slaughter of class by class extermination.

or 2) Your team is a squalid, poorly organized militia of ineptly designed defenses, therein permitting even the least threatening of forces to control the theatre of war.

So, the true question arises that all PvPers ask of themselves:

How can I control the battlefield, and ensure that I bring my team to victory most, if not every time?

It is a difficult concept to imagine. I know this for a fact. I have tirelessly prodded at the spine of countless teams I have played with during my time on RIFT. That’s why, during the duration of this section of my blog I shall explore the limitless possibilities of war in an open, or arena-based setting. If there is  anything that is more frustrating than working on a team of people where no one knows where to go, how to react to enemy forces, how to engage a single target as opposed to multiple, or how to play an objective based game, I don’t know what it is. I’ve found though, that the majority of the time all that your team requires is a little guidance to bring them to victory. Sometimes, it’s more important to step aside your “grunt” role and step into the shoes of a leader in a well-known territory. Even the slightest sign of authority is enough to push even the most demoralized army into a frenzy of united assault, it would seem. This blog will work to promote good leadership strategies, enforce logical solutions to practically hopeless situations, and work to engage thinkers on the battlefield in tactical discussions on how the best way to win is.

I don’t claim to be the best at any of this. I’m a learner like all of you, and for this reason I will support the idea that I’m here to gain new insights to strategic warfare, as well as share some of my own that have worked. Undoubtedly, there will be some of you who will openly disagree. This is a good thing. If we can’t debate the issue, what hope can we ever have of bringing soldiers to victory with a solution that hasn’t been clearly thought out numerous times?

For those of you who know me in-game, my character is “Shogunlink” on the Wolfsbane shard. I’ve also played on the Seastone shard for my friends there who will recognize me. If you’ve ever played on Wolfsbane however, you will recognize that the Defiants (my faction) are some of the most unprepared individuals for warfare possible. However, I’ve seen some incredible instances where not only did they surprise me, they baffled the other team with a virtually upsetting shut-out. That’s why I feel it’s my place to bring awareness to the idea that anyone can PvP, because people naturally want to learn. Sometimes, they just lack the right tool for success at their disposal.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in-game, here on my blog, or at my e-mail address of I’m available to answer all questions to the best of my knowledge, and if I don’t know it I’ll tirelessly bug the hell out of the rest of my guildmates and friends until I have the answer. Good luck my friends, and I’ll see you on the war front!

“Today is victory over yourself of yesterday; tomorrow is your victory over lesser men.” ~Miyamoto Musashi



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