Verbal warfare through radical ideals

Everlost, part 1


Wow! It has been an entire fucking month since my last entry. First and foremost, I apologize for that. That’s an unprofessional way to keep people waiting, and I think it’s rather rude to boot. I took a fairly decent vacation to Washington D.C. in that timeframe, and for the most part I enjoyed myself. I spent quite a bit of time doing what anyone SHOULD do when they visit our nation’s capital. LEARN. I also did more than a bit of unhealthy hero-worship, as I stood roughly 6 feet above my personal idol at Arlington National Cemetery, namely John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

From this trip I also brought home a few solemn thoughts, that have not only allowed me to scribble insurmountable volumes of nonsense and philosophical musings, but some apathetic verses as well. I’ve learned the sad, horrific truth that people from other countries value our history more than the American public does, and that we are more concerned with trivial bullshit like a gift shop full of novelty replicas, than the sheer gravity of standing where giants have once placed their legendary feet.

The entire trip brought to light what I’ve only dreamed about my entire childhood; that our national viewpoint was one of unity through boundary-breaking, morally superior, steadfast self-actualization. Our ancestors toiled away tirelessly to create a country that could be revered by the masses as a testament to the sheer willpower of many who were working for a common good to accomplish any and all feats in order to ensure the advancement of the human race. We matured, and through our maturity we moved into an era of technological discovery and exploration. Our prosperity however has brought us inevitably to the looming wall our nation stands at now.

Our nation’s few elders are now a living memorial to the fact that not only have we become marionettes to the drug of convenience, but we’ve also submitted to petty worldview differences in order to establish a global pissing contest over finite resources and pseudo power positions. We’ve succumbed to the weakness that is taking your religious tenets too seriously and not bothering to follow them, and we’ve allowed political leaders to manipulate our heroes and their predecessors by paraphrasing virtually all of their motives and ideologies in an attempt to gain better control over the sheep of our country; these idiotic many who have forgotten that catchy slogans, and enjoyable faces are nothing of what we should be.

The founding fathers were secularist individuals, who grew tired of tyrannical rule and the unjustified rape of their financial well-being as well as theological sanctity, that they took matters into their own hands, sacrificing their reputations, property, monetary gain, and their lives to prevent an enemy with practically all resources at their disposal from strangling the life out of a new colony, that promised a chance at prosperity for a persecuted group of people looking for their way out. They were NOT these ridiculously well-paid, morally bankrupt plastic grins that care only for their popularity numbers in the polls that month. These men were necessity driven assholes, who did what they had to because no one else would. Many of them despised the idea of having to step forward. Some of them held a constant air of doubt that success was imminent, but knew that not only their liberty was at stake if they failed. These men were labored rebel leaders, regarded as terrorists by their own former imperial leaders. These men weren’t seen to others as they are to us. Many were enraged by their actions. They felt pacifism would’ve sufficed in the conflict. The idea of fucking one’s own leaders over by founding your country on the principles of a thievery act, is not only a dangerous ideal; it’s absolutely terrifying.

Our greatest leaders can all be studied in the numerous forums in our nation’s capitol. They all had one thing in common as well. This single trait is something I’ve come to cherish in my recent years. A necessary burden shared by all our heroes stands vivified in not just our art, but our music and literature as well. This ideal is something NEVER followed by our leaders today; in fact it’s perhaps better left to historical account and legend now. Our heroes knew what it took to say NO to their own “supporters”. They didn’t consistently look to the people who frequented their social circle for guidance on important issues. They heavily weighed their options, considered their pre-existing worldview, and then dwelled incessantly on the consequences of their actions far down the chronological path. These people were not afraid to upset masses because of an idiotic fear that their popularity would slip. They did it because if they didn’t, turmoil might ACTUALLY ensue if they failed to react. Their actions have not only prevented uncountable catastrophes, but have ensured that the balance of our world has been maintained.

I can’t even fathom a political figure today who doesn’t quake at the thought of losing the favor of one of their investors. People vote now with whoever will do the pointlessly trivial shit they want done. Our country is now obsessed with being the number one at everything from sports, to warfare, to having the prettiest people. How vain are we to have these goals?

Let’s take a look at our current political candidates. The president; a voiceless figurehead who has submitted to the will of his legislative branch every step of the way without giving his input for fear of not being re-elected. Wish granted, you tool. JFK’s corpse has more of a spine than you do. Stand up for yourself for once.

Then we have the entire republican party’s political line-up, or as I like to refer to them, “extras”. This group squabbles over the most pointless shit imaginable. Probably because they’re all worried about the entirely wrong things. They are more worried about dumbing down their ideas to sound good on paper, than actually coming up with a complex system designed to fix our economy that they put little to no thought into their projects. They argue constantly about the growing threat of immigrants “swarming” into our nation and how we should build an electric fence, even though less than a couple of months ago the illegal trespassing numbers accounted for bottomed out at zero for the first time EVER. They are all so consumed with trying to find the correct religion that they bash each other’s daily just to make it seem as if one of them is less neurologically disturbed  than the others. They all want the top spot so bad they have invested in countless ads with taxpayer money in order to make off-colored TV commercials aimed at slamming an opponent who is already not getting a vote for being incompetent.

After seeing this shit numerous times a day on every media outlet possible, the only thing I can do is shake my head at the screen while congratulating President Obama on his 2nd term in office. By the time these fuckin morons figure out they lost the race for office, they’ll be comparing who has a bigger defense budget in their plan. I say this because, they won’t get their shit together and act like they know what they’re doing. They’ve wasted our time, and definitely their own as they try to figure out how it is they keep losing to the party that has become incredibly proficient in the art of staying silent for as long as possible.

I’d kill for a political candidate who is willing to not only upset his competition, but willing to piss off his own party. A show of actual hubris from someone would not only earn my respect; it would undoubtedly be the first sign of balls in a candidate since JFK himself. That office is not for the undecided, weak-minded, or faint of heart. There must be a strong, unbiased voice of moral clarity commanding. For once, I’d like our commander-in-chief to be well-versed, as well as humble.

These are just a few of the things I’ve been considering for our nation over the past month. I made this a two-part post, because it has relatively little to do with myself overall, but I felt it relevant to review all the same. After all, who DOESN’T fantasize about a political candidate who is willing to stop selling out to the fortune 500 companies, or actually wants to put more work towards parks and recreation, or invest heavily in the reconstruction of urban communities and sub-standard housing districts, or allow more people to gain access to medicine that might save their lives, or sever the connection between pharmaceutical corporations and our government, or put more time into redesigning our education system, or take advantage of powering the continental U.S. with a perpetual power supply, or build positive relations with countries who we have distanced ourselves from in the past, or take drastic measures to save endangered species, or make overseas reconstruction of places we’ve destroyed a priority, or emphasise the necessity of absolute equal rights, or take steps to bring us out of debt from the rest of the world, or punish the banking industries severely for gambling with everyone’s money but their own, or turn media centers back into information outlets rather that personal bias broadcasts, or BRING OUR TROOPS THE FUCK HOME, OR GIVE US BACK A GOD DAMN SPACE EXPLORATION BUDGET, OR PUSH PEOPLE TO BETTER THEMSELVES BECAUSE IT IS NECESSARY…NOT BECAUSE IT SEEMED LIKE A GOOD FUCKING IDEA AT THE TIME!!!

Not even the podium would’ve survived that rant.

“I deliver thee from this agony
A storm to cleanse thee”

Mine is the
right to be
Maelstrom of the everlost”



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