Verbal warfare through radical ideals

The Warp Riders

Yes, this is indeed a rant.

One thing that has always angered the living fuck out of me while running my gaming community “The Sic”, is the fact that every single time a community begins to go out the window or the game just becomes a monotonous dry well, we are all but forced to move on from that game in order to do one of two things:

1) maintain the people we’ve adopted into our crew before they move off and find new games…

or 2) Keep our old members before they become flakey inactives lost in the void of game purgatory because they are so desensitized to the grind of every other MMO that they are constantly seeking originality in an art field that has all but turned into a mess of copy and paste titles, and endless purgatories of dull “innovation”.

With the support of my crew, (and sometimes without) we’ve managed to survive for nearly seven years migrating from game to game while recruiting more people into our ranks. Not only has this worked for us in many ways, it has allowed us to diversify the masses of people who have stepped through our doors by ensuring that not only do we pick up people from free-to-play communities; we’ve branched off through so many buy-to-play games that our group is virtually a whisper on the ears of dozens of games in the aether of the online universe.

Of course, as I stated before not everyone likes this. Who could blame them? The idea that the game you were picked up on and enjoy may no longer be the ideal place for your group is not only an uncomfortable feeling; it’s slightly upsetting. I’ve always considered that the people we’ve picked up from other games might develop some undercurrent of spiteful animosity after potentially moving game because they feel not only as if their importance on a game has been overshadowed by the vanity of another game, but perhaps the fact that they might not have “been enough” in our eyes to stay somewhere.

This goes without saying that the previous statement is absolutely untrue. If that was the case, we would’ve simply wiped our crew like so many groups such as ours do. There would be no need for long-term members, as there would always be new leaders, officers and base members parading around with our title. Like so many guilds such as ours, the need for new games would become irrelevant. The legion would constantly cycle new people who AREN’T tired of the monotony and simply mold to fit the game at that time. This act of transformation would inevitably keep our name alive forever, given the benefit of PROPER MANAGEMENT.

This, however is never the way I’d want my group to go down as. Regardless of what way the community developed, our group would be at the mercy of the people running it, and those of whom were merely gallivanting about with our flag in their hands. That means that we COULD carry the image we’ve worked so hard to retain; A group of die-hard gamers with a bad attitude and good reason trying perpetually to find others like us in a sea of pyres from previous gaming groups who just couldn’t cut it. We’re out here to ensure that these very sane rarities are brought into our eagerly awaiting arms, as the hordes of senseless idiots around us only strive to hit end-game content and use their members as pawns to do so.

Chances are though, under the control of a new team of morons our team would be effortlessly pushed aside by the rival clans around us. There is something almost eerily rare about our group, that it’s rather difficult to describe in words. It’s like a chemical formula that for some reason seems to function under the most chaotic of situations. The core of our group fits into games like a glove, and goes to work without a hitch. As long as we’re together, there’s not a thing pushing back against us. It’s THAT power that keeps me from straying too far. We know each other’s names, locations, memories, histories, and regrets; that kind of comfort level doesn’t exist in many forums in the online realm, and to find a haven such as ours that permits that kind of stress-relieving effect, is something rare enough that people should stop fucking taking for granted.

This brings me to my last, ridiculously hostile point. It irritates the shit out of me when I am forced to endure day in and day out, the nervous frailties of the human psyche as I am told that “I’m not going to participate” in idiotic tantrum fashion whenever someone thinks  the group is moving too fast for them. Apparently, these people who don’t come for the friendship but rather the novel pleasures, are inconvenienced by the actions of the group when we decide it’s time to take inventory and search for new, intelligent life elsewhere. According to them, we must cater to what they want even if the rest of us are clawing at the light-speed dials to get the fuck away from a certain cesspool of putrid game waste. This selfish ambition annoys not only myself, but countless numbers of people within our group.

Yes, when we switch we’ll lose a few people in the process who were probably inactive to begin with and who won’t know we’re gone until long after we depart. But what the hell have we lost there? Nothing but people who didn’t want to actively be a part of it in the first place who are just fortunate to still have our fucking title over their heads. I can’t describe how vainly conservative it is to “pine away for the good ol’ days” in a rapidly expanding syndicate such as ours. To wish for us to be stuck in the past is not only detrimental to the overall health of the group; it’s counter-productive to our growth as individuals. We all fucking wish we could stay in the “golden days” that you consider magical when we were more “pure”, and “steadfast”. The problem with that is that by doing so you’re not only letting the people down around you who considered you a friend, but now you’re creating a rift between you and others who didn’t want to stagnate with you.

Do I wish everyone could lead effectively and consistently pick up people who are right for our group as well as maintain our integrity in the face of all odds and opposition? Of course I do, and would give a limb up to see it happen. If you hadn’t noticed though, the rarest animal on Earth is the fucking leader and to hand off the keys to the store to a fuckin incompetent Carebear with the moral compass of Elizabeth Bathory is not something I intend to do. You want to bitch about staying where you are at? That’s fine, but if you want to remain on board the ship you better fuckin pull your own weight. That means obtaining people, and upholding our principles. If you’re merely coasting along as a leech attached to our leg you’re going to be burned eventually, and then what? Don’t act surprised when that day comes. You’ve earned it.

I’ve come to understand now the appropriate anecdotal evidence of whom our group represents. In terms of gaming, we’re the Warp Riders of the online world. We come into a territory, reap the benefits and survive in the dirtiest of situations. We thrive for as long as possible, and find new members for our crew. Then, just as soon as the community falls into the clutches of despair and utter stagnation, we’re gone. Not confined within the walls of the hopeless, we move forward into new lands, uncharted and lawless. The rest of the previous realm sinks into oblivion, disbanding and eventually being lost to the void. Without legacy, and devoid of all signs of origin their groups now wither and die as ours lives on in the folds of digital subspace. Catastrophe successfully evaded, we regroup and drift through the sea of burning empires.

The average lifespan of any MMO is six months.  The average lifespan of any gaming guild or community is two months. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure we’ve outlasted the competition. Our nearly seven-year legacy stacks up against the best. We are NOT a part-time legion. There is nothing casual about our gaming. Argue with those results, mother fucker.

You will not find us among
those who dream of escaping
Across the aether we’ve come
All is ours for the taking

You don’t age when you live out of time
A thousand years in the blink of an eye

Secrets of the blackest void
known only to the ancients
Freedom from the planetoids
and the gravity that chains us

To make a fold in space and slip between the curves
Sacrifice of the sisterhood to do for those they serve
To cross a universe in hyper-spatial flight
We ride the warp of space into the womb of night

Ouranos’ daughter, Hermes’ bride
Mistress of the Mysteries
Upon the ward she rides
Navigatrix of the star-seas

She makes a fold in space, we slip between the curves
Sacrifice of the sisterhood to do for those they serve
To cross the Universe in hyper-spatial flight
We ride the warp of space into the womb of night

You don’t age when you live out of time
A thousand years in the blink of an eye



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