Verbal warfare through radical ideals

Black Aria

And so it was written.

Each letter was carefully placed in structured harmony; thus forming the protecting barrier of cautious serenity, in which only happiness and purposeful creation could be spread. There was none who could attest to the insincerity of the message itself. Fragile glass words sheltered behind what could’ve only been viewed as quite possibly the most emotionally driven passage to ever be relayed to someone. It seemed so simple, and accomplished that by the end of reading through the immaculately crafted screenplay, even I was madly in love with the author for her work.

Much could be said now about what appears wonderful, but is ultimately false. Many of you have perhaps found yourself staring humiliation in the face; a cold torrent of failures fled, that of which was avoidable but unforseen. In a world where all around you seems distraught and untrustworthy, who would’ve figured it to be that whom you hold sacred?

Absolutely, it’s understandable to feel grief over it. I could only call it natural to think that you, like me have the image of that moment stuck in your head; forceful echoes of opportunities lost and dreams shattered because of a slight lapse of wavering caution. So powerful that even the strongest urges to return to reason are cast aside in favor of the warm blanket of precious gratitude. You accept the guilty pleasure, and embrace it as if it were your token of intimate fortitude.

I used to carry with me a much less cynical disposition. That of which was one that enjoyed trivial joys, and preferred the bright spectrum of awareness to the various novelties of frivolous compassion distribution. As those close to me may remark upon; I used to be a much more morally acceptable character. I used to be of the sort sounded the trumpet anytime I felt danger close, or cheered at the minor victories accomplished. I was the one who gave gracious attention to those around me because I knew it was important to consider all possibilities and viewpoints. I trusted whoever crossed my path because I viewed the human race as a species that generally wanted what was best for everyone, and hoped for prosperity as aimlessly as I did. Now that I’ve come to understand that in a black and white rainbow, there’s a hell of a lot of gray in between. There is no human being too trustworthy to not watch carefully, no battle that should be entered without a firm grasp of the repercussions therein.

One must forgive my analogies, as they could only seem more brutal and frank than I intend to endow the situation with. In retrospect now, I’ve seen myself as only the master could see their dog. The faithful, and forgiving lap-terrier that day by day tirelessly follows their friend around until one day, master dies. With that comes the unexpected, and undeserved sense of abandonment and desertion. I then dwell on master’s final metaphorical resting spot until the time comes, where I slowly starve myself to death. I can only embrace this reality that I’ve created for myself, as I have become my own antagonist and mentor in this trustless, and lustless purgatory in which I merely muse and draw useless conclusions to rant to others about.  I have become the ultimate over-thinker in a world where no one remembers that step one entails that there is another step immediately following it.

Perhaps one can empathize with the idea that it’s not just me experiencing this either. There are plenty of others like myself, who are caught in their own tale of paradise lost, attempting to figure out what exactly got you to this spot, and why it feels as though you’ve been forsaken by your own sky. Meticulous delusions of desperation parade ceaselessly, as you lose sleep and sanity over irrelevant fantasies that even you don’t believe in, and your stuck once more in treachery, right where you remember leaving off before you became an optimist.

Of what you could only deem a futile tirade of tearful truths, I’ve placed myself in the wings of Lucifer, and for whatever misguided reason I’m now pacing the territory I now possess, ready to escape my ever-growing prison of fruitless fervor.

– O-Yama (formerly known as Jake)


6 responses

  1. Amber

    Marylin Manson made a dubstep song.

    August 25, 2011 at 6:57 PM

  2. Sir your party is unavailable at this time please try again later! Also I’m fairly certain at some point pretty much everyone see’s how shit the world is. Most people just go about their lives anyway in spite of it because what else is there to do. Some stew about it others try to act against it. Would you say however that ignorance is bliss? I think it would be nicer to not understand whats happening around you but at the same time if you look in on yourself knowing what you know you’d be disgusted. Therefore nobody can tell you who you are Neo uhm Jake they can only show you the door your the one who has to walk through it! Not entirely serious there but you get what I mean. You could be speaking more of an introverted sorry for myself analysis but I’m fairly sure its more like the above. Also I do this analysis a lot you know what it helps me accomplish absolutely nothing usually. Which is why I have to start doing more than what I am with my life which by the way is a lot of the reason I haven’t been around as much lately. Anyway off to watch a movie also don’t get offended you know I never mean anything offensively but I understand people about as much as I understand the need for somebody to sit on newegg all day and virtually buy parts they will never actually purchase. Friend of mine does this constantly its kinda irritating to be honest.

    August 27, 2011 at 12:00 AM

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