Verbal warfare through radical ideals

Stand Ablaze

Wednesday, and once again I am precariously placed in front of my computer screen.

As I gaze at the constantly changing scene in-game, a wonderfully timed event begins to take place. Being one for the aesthetic value of atmospheric pleasure, my attention is now drawn to the drumline of falling rain on my window. This comforting noise brings not only solace, but a sense of inspiration to all my action. For the longest period I can remember, there was nothing more relaxing than the sound of rainfall. It’s something internal, that can only be understood by those of whom feel the same longing for it when the dreadful sun is in the sky.

As the rain beats heavier now, I take a glance outside once more. The calm of twilight has been replaced by the void. A jet black maelstrom of liquid fury entombs my city, as the thunder booms overhead. The ivory flash outside tells me that the storm has moved in, and will now run its course. I can’t complain, as I love every minute of it. From safely out of harm’s way, anyone will tell you that vicariously enjoying chaos is one of the finest and most atrocious aspects of human nature.

As I return to the monotonous grind of the computer superhero, an echo descends upon me. A calm stillness, breathed into my core suspends me in a moment of confused discomfort. Then, all at once it’s over as soon as it starts. A deafening explosion bursts outside my window, and a blinding light throws my world from white oblivion, into complete darkness.

As shocked ideals race through my mind, I return to my window. The trembling in my hand makes me uneasy as I look out at the amazing spectacle that can only be described with the knowledge of such a sight. A carmine glow radiates out 500 meters and I know instantly of the results. A quick run outside affirms all that has been created through ignorant vagaries of perception.

The house, a once tranquil suburban habitat now stands before me, a raging inferno surrounded by smouldering remains. What could only be described as a pure testament to the fury of nature’s own hand has now laid siege to a family’s home, in a place where no one thought possible. As the crowd begins to encircle the flaming house, it becomes clear that not only has this become the center of attention for our beyond boring street, it has now become a phallic monument beyond human apprehension. Whether it be the simple glow of the fiery aura itself to attract the flies to it, or the fact that it’s the most interesting thing to happen to our side of town in decades, they gathered to watch as property was slowly reverted into the ashes of creation that are so spoken of with such sacred reverence. A certain uneasy sensation came over me as I was swiftly reminded of the unsettling ending of the movie “The Wicker Man”. Go figure.

As the owner’s of the home stood by, I exchanged glances with the father. While he was indeed upset, the relieving understanding that none of his family was injured brought him peace with this ordeal. What more could one ask of such a horrific situation such as this than to walk away intact, with all of your family unscathed? The material possessions remain such an arbitrary collection of trinkets and memories combined, that most of the time no one keeps up with any of it. The crowd converses about such loss around me, that for a moment I come to remember why it is that our race is such a pitiful, self-destructive breed.

This night has been etched into me forever. With the rising of the sun, the general public loses interest. The simple pleasure of a momentary eye-orgasm is the only trace of care left in front of the place where nature showed everyone its instantaneous and indiscriminate power to erase the long-standing work of men.  I however cannot help but allow my memory to linger at this scene. Its moving, and eerily captivating show of fervency redefined sheds upon me a new appreciation for life, as I attempt to grapple with how all species come and go, but our Earth stands forever fast.

Stand Ablaze
As the flames caress my face
Stand Ablaze…



2 responses

  1. why is it that human nature is self-destructive?

    June 24, 2011 at 7:02 PM

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