Verbal warfare through radical ideals

The Return…

When the sacred oath is broken
and the lie is spoken out loud
when the angel is POSSESSED
and the virgin is stolen her pride

When the flame of love and pureness
have turned to BESTIAL LUST
when the walls of gold in heaven
close in and turn to dust

When THE WIND OF MAYHEM whispers
through the vale of tears and death
when the golden river is empty
and the SADIST tear the angels’ flesh

When the SON OF THE DAMNED strides the earth
when the REVELATION OF DOOM comes closer
and the battle just begun

When the beauty is BORN FOR BURNING
and the TOTAL DESTRUCTION draws near
when the disciples under the sign of the black mark gathers
and the REAP OF EVIL is here

Then the clouds of death shall gather
then the night shall always burn
then the ancient prediction comes true
and the bells of fate chime

Lesson learned. Never fall asleep listening to Bathory. The result will be a nightmare that you don’t want. Depending on what album you’re currently listening to though, you could have a range of things. If it was “Destroyer of Worlds”, there’s no chance you’ll be asleep. You’ll be far too busy smashing things. “Octagon”? Probably the same result, although you’ll be more interested in trying to find the hidden messages scattered throughout the lyrics. Believe me, there’s enough of them. “Under The Sign of The Black Mark” is one that you’ll sleep through the first few minutes, and when it explodes into the song “massacre” you’ll just about have a heart attack. “Requiem” is one of those that if you can actually doze off during, you don’t like Black Metal. “Blood On Ice” is a wonderful album that goes from one extreme to the next. Quiet, heavy, soft, deafening. “Hammerheart” and “Blood Fire Death” both are melodic, and I can’t sleep to either of them because I am too busy trying to imagine how the hell Quorthon was able to play 2 instruments while singing so well.  Both “Nordland” albums and “Twilight of the Gods” are the easiest albums anyone could imagine to sleep to. I put those on regularly just so I can hear the 18 minute acoustic solos with light choir in the background.

Unfortunately for me, none of these albums were what I said “Gee, I wanna listen to this one tonight”. No. I decided I wanted to go classic, WAAAY back to the point to where there were people who took one look at Bathory and decided that they were going to make sure that their kids never got within 500 yards of hearing one of the tracks. I’m talking “Slayer” morbid. So I popped in “The Return of the Darkness and Evil”, and made that album lead into Bathory’s self titled original album. Big fucking mistake.

What ensued had to be one of the most horribly over-budget apocalyptic lucid nightmares anyone could imagine. The moon eclipsing, followed by a rain of meteors to the planet’s surface was followed by a circle of fire that towered above me. The armies of the undead rose and began to tear apart the major cities. A strange green mist soon formed like miasma over the surface of the planet, and we were lost beneath it. Then, just as the seas began to rise and turn black…I realized that I was caught near the end of the song “Necromansy” and began singing along.

With that thought in mind, I quickly sat up and bed and yanked the ear-buds out of my ears. Cold sweat tore at me as I came to the sad realization that I just lived a well-produced visionary nightmare from the mind of Quorthon himself in 1985. From the grave, that cock-sucker was still causing chaos.

R.I.P Quorthon, you will be remembered. (and feared)

Bathory's emblem/ self titled album cover



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