Verbal warfare through radical ideals

The Pot

It never ceases to amaze me some of the pointless jargon that stoners come up with. Not only is there a mindlessly vast array of senseless memorabilia for anyone who has ever even heard of weed; there’s also going to be a large crowd of people who are blindly obsessed with it. They will make shirts, hats, posters, and signs showing their love for cannabis; they’ll even pay ridiculously over-priced rates to dealers in their neighborhood who are dirtier than the American government. But I’ll be damned if they’re going to attempt to do something useful like successfully come up with an argument for the legalization of marijuana. No, that’s not possible. It’s better to bitch about it while watching the news-feed roll on CNN about new studies done over THC. The average weed-consumed band-wagon child has two thought processes. The first of which is one that makes it possible for them to follow every single trend available, no matter how stupid it sounds even when high; the second of which is the unfailing ability to create an idea that’s either

A) already been thought of a million times…or

B) Makes absolutely no sense, to which even people with down syndrome tend to shake their heads at.

Not convinced yet? Allow me to elaborate. This is just one post of millions off the site Don’t believe me? Go look for yourself. Watch as stereotypes come to life before your eyes.

What if instead of having the symbol 1 represent what we knew as one, it was 2. And 1represented two. so 1 was 2 and 2 was 1. Something as simple as that would change the world as we know it.

Actually it wouldnt…because we wouldnt even know it right? you guys ever think about that? Like instead of calling a couch a couch, we named it, like, babaganoosh.


Yes, that’s an actual post on that website. Don’t get me wrong. I know some incredibly intellectual stoners. Many lovers of weed are worldly, have a wide frame of reference and function perfectly fine in their everyday lives. But there are also quite a few, who not only feed into the cliché I’ve come to know day after day; they make it so that it becomes an archetype. It’s really hard to turn blatant ignorance and the constant oblivious stare into a fashionable persona, but god damn these people have gotten it down. What’s worse, is that instead of attempting to do something useful so that they can fuel the cause to maybe one day legally smoke the product, they simply complain and watch their satellite television. Why? Because there’s nothing easier to do than pay idiotic prices for a product worth only a quarter if the value they’re paying, and still have to go back next week for the same thing.

If these people were smart (which no one accused them of being), they would stop smoking for a few minutes to commit to the corrupt American idea of marketing.  Promote the harmless nature of marijuana compared to other such controlled substances, and push for a prohibition era repeal of the ban on THC. Once they easily pass the bill, put weed on shelves for a bargain price and a stupidly high tax rate. Not only will our economy be stimulated, the tax alone may bring back millions in our budget that couldn’t be filled any other way. Unless of course, you count taking money from our fucking moronic cash-pile of national defense. That may bring back a few dollars. This could kill two birds with one stone though. The people around our country successfully phase out a product and make it as pointless and dull as alcohol or tobacco, and at the same time create a perpetual economic boost that will provide for decades to come. I don’t even smoke, and understood the blatantly obvious perks to that plan.

I’m not asking for too much here; all I’m asking is for a group of people who seem to be caught in a fog…to “step out” of the cloud for once and get something done so I don’t have to hear about the shit anymore. Then we can close down sites like highdeas and I’ll never have to listen to some dumbshit suggest that “we should make a place filled with books and stuff so that if you want to learn something you can go there and read stuff and learn it”.

I won’t hold my breath though; the majority of smokers who read this have already clicked the link to highdeas by now and forgot they were reading a blog.



One response

  1. Wait, are you telling me that you are opposed to the idea of building “a place filled with books and stuff so that if you want to learn something you can go there and read stuff and learn it”. How dare you, you must hate like, learning and whatever. Besides, we already have that, it’s called Google – wait, I mean a library. Right? They still have those don’t they? xD

    Haha in all seriousness I couldn’t agree with you more, but then again, the idea that people would rather sit around and bitch about something rather than get off their asses and do something like legalize, or even decriminalize pot is something that doesn’t surprise me. Are you telling me that you aren’t happy being a sheeple, Jake?

    As a huge fan of the ‘American idea of marketing’ I can speak for the whole collective when I say pipe down! We are making money hand over fist with those stupid marijuana hats and other memorabilia. Legalize pot and put all our sweatshops out of business, so hush up with your radical ideas.

    March 2, 2011 at 6:30 AM

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