Verbal warfare through radical ideals

Something In The Way


A truly remarkable, and sobering experience. The entire gravity of your idea shifts. When met with silence, you must face one of two realities. The first of which is the fact that your thoughts might have met a wall; that of which is the difference of worldview, or perspective. The alternative, is the possibility that your thought has been provocative, or is being deeply considered by your target. I dare not assume to press the issue, as confidence falters before my lips. Whether it’s the aegis I’m carrying that I call my self-affirmation, or the thought that what I’m discussing does not fall into the realm of a commitment, I hold my ground. There’s no backing out. What’s been heard, cannot be unheard.

The silence is broken by reassurance. That of which is met by a sigh of relief, directly followed by comical comments distributed generously in the hopes that what I’m saying is favorable. The situation seems tense, while at the same time empowering. The usual steadfast strife that I showcase becomes an unstable foundation beneath my feet as I attempt to trudge on, forcing words from the mouth of reason. Minutes drag, and I’m still unsure. Be it the smoke-screen of ideas now presented at my feet, or the fear of my tongue lashing out in a way only Musashi could understand; I’m now stuck in a tangled web, shrouded in mystery and passion. World War I is now being dramatically re-enacted in the most surreal of fashions. I’m crawling inches at a time as I dodge hazard after hazard, purposefully designed to slaughter the unwary of the intellectual land-mine dropped at their feet. My usual certainties are cast to the winds, in favor of a more inquisitive agenda. I must find out all that I can, while I can. Lest I risk igniting a spark that in most circumstances would’ve already erupted into a grand inferno, burning down all that it sees.

Quote Yamamoto,

The wise man listens intently, always regarding the opinion of others, and waits patiently to speak on such issues when the time is appropriate.

The samurai helped to perfect this technique of conversation beyond many other societies, and cultures. With dignity, and well-mannered patience you must take the time to understand that which you’re unsure of. Only with a fair grasp on subjects, and a comprehensive analysis regarding your audience may you come to express ideals and share opinions with respect to all. The silence became the necessary collection of the reflective thought. It was not regarded as the awkward, and uneasy confusion that our modern society has come to recognize it as. When a samurai stayed quiet, it was because the conversation at hand had given him new enlightenment, and whether the facilitator of the insight gave input that was considered valid to the recipient, they always took the time to appreciate the idea for the amount of thought and resolve it took to formulate it.

So why is it, that our world no longer takes heed to such an idealistic chat methodology? Simple. We’re conditioned to believe that we’re entitled to always share our opinion, sacrificing our integrity for the sake of speaking “loud and proud”. This I know is not a healthy mindset. However much it boosts the self-esteem and pride of the speaker, it does tend to make it seem as if the giver of the opinion, advice, or thought is attempting to desperately reach out to someone else for a sense of understanding. It doesn’t truly matter if the people come to appreciate their statement, just so long as they receive a prompt, and audible agreement with the surrounding listeners.

This I must come to practice myself, as I used to do so well at it. I took in all that was worth sampling, and filtered out the excess information. Somewhere along the way, I lost track of my thoughts because of vanity. I wanted to establish my presence more than I actually wanted to have a stimulating conversation with people. This is a flawed outlook, and I now see the error. I must continue to remain open-minded, yet bring a well-informed and concise argument with me. I must be accepting of the concept of silence, and continue to hold true to the idea that this is not warfare; this is a purposeful communication of ideals between great minds.

So what I’m trying to say is…

We’ll take their fucking heads.

No, that’s not right. How about……

Look within, to calm the storm.

Yeah, that’s the one I was looking for.



3 responses

  1. Amber

    Parts of this really remind me of this piece of paper that I have…

    February 19, 2011 at 2:33 PM

  2. Liane


    February 20, 2011 at 6:52 AM

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