Verbal warfare through radical ideals

Face To Face

Not a bad day.

I got to visit the Dallas museum of Science and History today. It was pretty damn cool, but then again ANYTHING would be awesome seeing as how I haven’t been in Dallas for a long time now. It was good to be able to go out and do shit, even if it was just with relatives. So, after we watched this awesome movie called “Sea Monsters” that explained the wonderful new archaeological discoveries in North America, Israel, Australia, and Africa. I thought it was pretty epic as well to include  the transitional period from Triassic, to Jurassic, to Cretaceous. Just something about bringing light to the different eras of creatures that have roamed our planet gave me a little warm, fuzzy feeling that only science and history loving douche bags like myself become enthralled by.

After the movie, my mom and I took a few minutes to grab some food at the restaurant inside the museum.  Of course, the place was packed to the brim with kids age 10 and under. While I was peering out the large window in front of us though, a rather strange odyssey took place in front of my eyes that brought to light a nostalgic, and almost touching view of my childhood.

What I saw, was a small boy perhaps not even 6 years old who had brought his sack lunch, and was sitting outside on the patio with the rest of the kids. He sat off to the side, talking to one other boy about his age. He had short black hair, glasses, a super mario T-shirt that was probably 2 sizes too large, and a very bright pair of hazel eyes. He was incredibly small, even for how old he looked to be. As he was talking to the other child, he reached into his small brown paper bag and pulled out another, miniature package with bright coloring. It was a bag of skittles, and not one of the fun sized bags either. He then got up from where he was sitting, and turned around. He stood, scanning the area for a minute. After a moment, he found what he was looking for, and proceeded to walk to it. He approached one of his classmates, a young girl possibly older than he was, with long flowing blonde hair and a Miley Cyrus shirt on. As he closed in on her, he slowed his pace as he got within a decent proximity of her circle of friends. He then waved, and removed the bag of skittles from behind his bag. With a big smile on his face, he leaned far over and handed her the package in an incredibly timid fashion, then instantly backed up. She smiled, and said something probably along the lines of “thanks”, and then turned back to her friends. The boy, who was now already on his way back to his single friend, was now blushing in the most awkward manner possible.

It was obvious that he liked this girl, and this was his attempt at making contact with her, no matter how futile it would seem. The girl sat in the circle, eating her gift from the boy, while sharing them with her friends. These included a couple of other little boys and girls who were surrounding her. Then, once he was done eating and the class lined up, he made it a point to rush to the door to hold it open for her and her friends, as they came to the door. He smiled big once again, and then hopped back in line and followed like a puppy behind her, obviously smitten.

I see much of myself at that age in the boy. He was willing to sacrifice a bit of dignity, as well as his treat so that he could make the other girl happy by providing her with a luxury. He seems so similar to myself at that age. Harmless, and sweeter than most girls his age. He was friendly, well-mannered, and a generally good-natured kid. I can already tell that this boy would’ve done some of the things I have done in the past to merit the attention of a female, if only for a second. Just to earn a grin, a hug, or a pointless acknowledgement of my existence from a girl I liked, I have committed acts that I now know never would’ve gotten me anywhere. This kid was sitting on the throne of content, and he was just happy this day to receive her gratitude for that second. My point for this whole story?

Fuck that little self-absorbed popular cunt. If I could go back and do it again from elementary school upwards, I’d go back and purposefully throw around cruelty to the girls I liked. I was disregarded heavily for many years, and now I just want the opportunity to be able to return the favor. Perhaps that’s where I gain much of my attitude now, but I’m glad it’s here. Oh if I was a weaker man I would’ve gone outside, taken the bag of skittles and eaten it myself. I know a few animatronic Dinosaurs that would’ve gotten a mouthful of 7 year old stuck-up bitch if it had been a bad day. I kid, though seriously……..being a nice guy only gets you so far. Sometimes, you just have to set a bitch straight.

I’m a nice guy. I know I am…or I used to be. Once upon atrocity.



5 responses

  1. Wow..Set a bitch straight? Really Jake? Lol. I know there are horrible women out in the world but don’t forget about all the douche bags us women have to deal with everyday. Your special and different,that’s doesn’t make you weak it makes you special. Just because the right girl hasn’t come along doesn’t mean everything you ever did for a girl was in vane…If that was the case you wouldn’t be the Jake I know and love now.

    February 17, 2011 at 3:04 PM

  2. Roxanne

    hmm, have to agree, I know how cruel girls can be; I’m definitely not one of them, but I have seen a few around. That’s not to say that guys always appreciate women; I’ve seen some ungrateful ones a little too often…. But if I had someone who was willing to sacrifice some of his dignity just for me, I would TOTALLY appreciate him…. Damn it, Jake, why couldn’t you have gone to my high school?

    February 17, 2011 at 5:31 PM

  3. Nathron

    Not to be mean cause I don’t have the foggiest who you are Roxanne but

    “if I had someone who was willing to sacrifice some of his dignity just for me, I would TOTALLY appreciate him…. Damn it, Jake, why couldn’t you have gone to my high school?”
    End Quote

    Part of this is inaccurate or possibly just a full on lie meant to comfort somebody I don’t exactly blame you for typing it because everyone weather they realize it or not will usually not fully explore their ideas before they type them myself included. Only point I’m trying to make with this is you did have people like Jake at your high school most likely unless you dodged a statistical bullet. However you probably didn’t even notice they we’re there to begin with and if you did maybe you distanced yourself from those people to lesson the blow non conformity would have upon your high school experience. Possibly you didn’t realize that these people we’re even really people at the time.

    I think what you really meant to say was I think I might have wished back in high school that Jake had gone to it knowing what I know now.

    People have a hard enough time dealing with the day to day of relationship bullshit without having somebody to blow smoke up their asses and make them “feel” better.

    Of course I could have totally missed the mark so to speak. When it comes to calculating a behavioral response based upon a situation from the mind of a teenager, and if I did I apologize in advance.

    P.S. Grammar has never been one of my strong suits hopefully it proves to be readable. I tried to let it lie there but my impulsive side has gotten the better of me and it’s a myriad of discussions like this ending in a similar unrealistic 1980’s wholesome family sitcom way that have given rise to my ire at the entire practice of placating an individual.

    February 18, 2011 at 4:59 AM

  4. Liane

    This is the kind of sad I dislike. I just hope that this child never loses faith. There are so many people out there, we just need to be better at determining which ones are worth it and which ones aren’t.

    February 20, 2011 at 7:07 AM

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