Verbal warfare through radical ideals

“Dear God, Love Link”

“Dear God”– a letter that will never be read by its intended recipient.
~By Jake Sanders.

Dear God, would you like to see what I’ve done with my life?

I’ve given you much thought, and you’re my main point of strife.

You are the science behind all I’ve come to know know as fiction.

But with difficult questions I can’t help but see confliction.

Do I drop to my knees and put my hopes in my prayers?

Of course I don’t; I’m the last in line for your cares.

You see in the times I’m content I see only traces

of people who would sell me out for 30 pieces of silver in most cases.

Perhaps morality is human-made and overrated?

It’s not like you have told us who should be loved or hated.

Because in times of anguish I’m left to ponder,

who the fuck will be there to guide me when I wander?

To people like me, only in desperation are you real.

As if when in dying it’s you they hear, see and feel.

Am I the only one left who needs more proof than that?

A real physical encounter would fix THIS heretic brat.

Absurd I know, but I figure I would ask;

It’d be nice to have a face with your fictional mask.

Do you think when I die I’ll see people I knew?

Or did you see the lies in your reality too?

No matter how hard we try we’ll never puncture your code.

We’ll be forced to walk down the long, winding road.

We’ll search for an apocalypse; for a self destructive path.

For a future where our kids must face the aftermath,

of a war ravaged Earth from extreme greed and a sacred book

that should’ve warned us of the beauty that we so forsook.

From our precious green forests, to the warmth of the sun.

Our downward spiral has already begun.

So preachers and teachers, stop deceiving our youth.

Don’t feed them certainties, just allow them the truth.

That it’s not right to hurt, and stealing is wrong.

They make life painful, and dreadfully long.

So lord, in closing I’ll thank you for hearing

the future of man that we’ve all started fearing.

Go forth in peace kids; Be smart, and not suckers.

and just for good measure, “Amen, mother fuckers”.

Love, Link.


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