Verbal warfare through radical ideals

The Grandest Accusation

I now have been accused of doing everything.

According to the moral majority, I’m a lying deceitful asshole who doesn’t deserve to be happy. That is based off of the assumption that I am doing dishonest things behind the back of other people who are supposedly close to me and know me. So… I can’t be decent, or CIVIL for that matter in anything. I’ve 150% proved my theory that I will be a villain because other people have made me one. I can’t fight for a cause, because I’m doing it for the wrong reasons. I can’t talk to people, because then I’ll be committing infidelity. I can’t study or work on anything passionately, because I’m obsessing. I can’t NOT pay attention to someone for 2 seconds, because I’m being insensitive. For fuck’s sake, I can’t even write…because some clueless tool is going to go out and turn it into yellow journalism of the finest caliber!! What the hell do I have to do for people to think positive of what I do for once, or hell…I’d even take “leave me alone” as opposed to what I am receiving.

 I would say I’m an open book to most people, but seeing as how our country has such difficulties with literacy already, let alone reading between the lines…I don’t think I’ll say that. I certainly know though, that I don’t go out of my way to look like a douche bag. Perhaps within the confines of my gaming clan, where I have the freedom and capability of holding up a negative image successfully, I can honestly say I try to use my angst against people. It’s all in good fun though, and most of the time I’m purposefully choosing a target that is a hinderance to the community as a whole (which sometime IS the community). The point I’m trying to make though, is although I tend to pass myself off as the bad guy much of the time, I always invite people into my frame of mind. People who gain a better understanding of me significantly increase their fondness of me, I’d like to think. It’s when people completely conjure their own ideas that I seem more and more like the image I have online.

I’d also like to think that when people come up with these ideas, and stories (because that’s what they are), they don’t bother with the logical, or reasonable approach of coming to me with their issues. They let it crawl over their skin like a leech, and allow it to poison their every thought as if it were their last absolute in life. As much as it shouldn’t be a problem either, they drag friends into it. Because misery must be stroked and comforted like a lazy cat, the creator of such falsifications must deliberately take their fabricated atrocities, and show them off to their closest circle of drones, or as I like to call them…the “Toolbox”. As one could safely assume, the common and often dangerous pattern of group-think ensues, and now not only is the original subject misinformed, but they have also sucked an entire herd of others into the slippery slope of idiocy that they are.

Now, I’m not just a hazard. I’ve become the focal point for what can only be considered the hate-parade. It’s a rare gift to be able to anger someone on command, without exerting an effort to truly hit a nerve. However, it’s a miraculous talent to be able to infuriate someone without doing a damn thing. The worst part is that even when you have little to no contact with someone, you should expect nothing bad to come of it. No, that’s not the case. No, I am such a leviathan of the immoral kind, that I have the ability to commit acts of dishonesty without even being present at them. Yes, I have now realized that I’m closer to being Marilyn Manson than I ever thought possible.

All you know about me is what I’ve sold you. So shut up and buy my new message.

Fuck you, buddy.

-Lucifer (I mean… Jake)


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  1. What?! Where my reicept?? ❤

    February 15, 2011 at 12:02 AM

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