Verbal warfare through radical ideals

Circle of Beliefs

It never ceases to amaze me some of the double standards that people hold over the supernatural, or at least metaphysical world. Take for example one of the most common forms of hypocrisy that I love to prod at. There’s nothing better than having a wonderful conversation with someone about the finer aspects of religion or the divine in perspective. You think things are going well, and the other person tends to agree with you for practically the whole way through your argument. Oddly enough, yes there are some people that completely understand that I am an atheist, and have spent countless hours putting time into this thought as an ideology of my own, meshed together with the finer points made by my intellectual predecessors. Some people though, no matter how much they try to impress upon you the idea that they are clear-cut, and have the resolve necessary to hold to their atheistic thought-processes, are still desperate theists. Imagine my disappointment.

“Oh yeah, I get what you’re saying. I really hate it when people try to push their religious beliefs off on others. It just gets on my nerves so bad. For them to go out of their way to believe in things that are so ridiculous, is beyond me. I’m just glad I don’t believe in any of that crazy stuff like that, ya know? Yeah. None of that for me. I just believe in the main story, that there IS a divine being.  Yeah, no Judeo-Christian style for me. I have the right idea”.

You can imagine how enraged I can become when someone decides to tell me, “I’m not insane. I’m just insane”. They would’ve saved me all that time of telling me how right I am, had they just summed up their story to “I have a different neurological disorder”. I’m sorry, I’m not one of those “Desperate for purpose” children in heat that are always attempting to find meaning in older faiths and creeds. I really can’t tell the difference between them, besides they all have a fun way of trying to invalidate other faiths with misinformation and colorful cop-out phrases to kill arguments because they are incapable of debating in full form.

It’s not just those that kill me though. It’s the wonderful, almost trendy re-awakening of Pagan faiths here in North America, that until the resurgence in the 1970’s had been wonderful corpses of a creed. Of course, along with these there are quite a few mix faiths that bring a new perspective to the concept of the “Third Eye”, and “Chakras”, as well as “Chi”. Of course, I’d have to be a complete tool to consider these valid, and throw out the popular religions. No, they’re all out of their mind too. Not to mention, that a vast majority of these Neo-Pagan followers fall below the age line of 40 and under. That should give you a bit of insight as to the trendy nature of this group-think faith.

It’s not as if they are all actually making fashion out of it. It’s not true for some. Some of them are avid followers of the belief system, (Which of course means that whoever you talk to about it didn’t just hop on the bandwagon. They were all there from inception) and practice with a strict conviction day after day. Many of them though, are there simply for the social ring, and sense of belonging that encompasses being a member of such a select following as the children of “My god rapes flowers, or something”. A large amount of these people also believe themselves to possess a type of energy. These energies, can be of certain strength and present themselves in the form of auras. Of course, anyone who knows Ms. Cleo knows how fabricated this is to begin with, and no matter how many times you watch Star Wars…you’re not getting any closer to being able to harness the force. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, and I hope your blue sky is alright. Just because you take the tenets of Hinduism and Buddhism, and apply them to your new-age Dianetics-ish faith does qualify you to know what the hell you’re talking about. Chances are, you’re more than politically incorrect already, and the people who actually DO understand the moral and philosophical purpose behind that ideology are dying in a fit of hysterics over your misinterpreted comprehension of the subject.

Moral of this whole story? It doesn’t matter how farfetched, or “difficult to understand” your faith is. One type of fiction is just as absurd as another type. It doesn’t matter whether it’s monotheistic, or polytheistic. It doesn’t matter if you worship a cookie, or Jennifer Garner. (Ok, Garner might be alright…)

The point is, just because you decide to throw extra storyline behind yours to give it significance, it doesn’t make you more worldly. It makes you what I call quite a few people who carry an arrogant fashion about trying to preach the certainty of such a ludicrous set of mystical atrocities:

A “Gullible Dumbass”.

For the record, I think we should all take George Carlin’s advice and pray to Joe Pesci. At least we can actually see him.



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