Verbal warfare through radical ideals

Psycho 88′

Too much horror business…typing late at night.

Truth be told though, I think I may be a hazard to those around me. I mean, I’ve gotten more death threats than most celebrities my age.  I’ve got one of the most highly loathed ideologies of a gamer imaginable, let alone a human being. I have zero sense of fashion, and for the most part could give a fuck less because I’ve always had a sense of indifference towards the trivial nature of those consumed by fashion rather than morality. I have a significantly larger “enemies” list compared to my buddies list on ANYTHING. I don’t watch TV, mainly because what American television programming has become is a show called the “High School Hypersensitivity Show: A Musical about why it’s okay to be ugly, starring the politically correct cast of, rich moronic daddy’s girl, educated stand-up comedian with no clever humor, pseudo-geeky young guy who all the chicks love,  bad-ass foreign kid with compassionate side, and fat guy who always seems to have no luck”

I’m not saying I’m better than anyone else…that would be arrogant beyond comprehension. I’m not more intelligent than most people. I’m not more worldly. Nor am I compassionate. I’m not morally superior to many, and I wouldn’t call myself bolder than most people. I do however know that I have the capacity to balance many of these traits in an equal fashion, and am definitely more unbiased than most when it comes to issues that matter. I seem to be bad for ladies though. I seem to harness many of the traits that they don’t really tend to care for, such as being insensitive to hypersensitivity, lack the ability to care about social constraints, and will not change an opinion to better suit their needs. As I’ve come to understand, I should have an obligation to be a people pleaser, because it makes me more acceptable by general society. I think this is an excellent policy. Why wouldn’t I want to be loved and adored by millions of people in this fine country? It couldn’t be because of the pathetic truth that:

  1. Our country has steadily risen to the rank of “ridiculously illiterate”.
  2. We can name off 100 new and upcoming celebrities, but not 10 new and upcoming politicians.
  3. A majority of our population is perfectly fine with waiting on Jesus to return to solve our problems.
  4. Our country shrugs its shoulders at the fact we’ve never held a dollar worth actual value.
  5. The people of this “superior” nation would much rather nuke another nation than try to be diplomatic.
  6. Too many of our fine citizens would rather worry about ethnic backgrounds, other than criminal backgrounds.
  7. We believe in being a quitter.
  8. The majority of our nation wants the right to vote, but can’t name three branches of government.
  9. We have people who honestly believe that not only does an invisible, omnipotent being exist somewhere between the Ionosphere and the Thermosphere, but he also has a list of 8 pointless things, and 2 conventional things he wants everyone to follow. They also believe that the imaginary being hates homosexuals, and that they are going to move on to a mystical land that is created for the morally functional members of our society (which obviously, they’re all good people). This group also refuses to allow the thought process that this being isn’t perfect, because obviously people are flawed and are more influential than this all-powerful creature/man could ever be…therefore they cover up immoral action and the random by attributing  it to something other than divine purpose, because that slightly deviates from the collection of lies they have to feed everyone else, or be forced to lose followers of their cause and face the sad, and more realistic truth.

So, yes…I’m probably a bad influence on children, and those around me. But that’s okay. Someone has to be the bad guy. Why not me? I fit the perfect description of what our country, and quite a large chunk of the Earth is afraid of. A free thinking youth who is solely based on trying to break down the barriers that separate us, so that we might actually live long enough to make it to another planet without finding another excuse to kill each other. But yes, yes, yes. Of course. I’m bad. Don’t come near me.

I’ll put a knife right in you. I’m warning you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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