Verbal warfare through radical ideals

Just a tiny Wight Spider…

Whether I’d ever care to admit it or not, there was once a time where I had little self esteem. I’d like to think that was the last date I had, or the last time I stood on a stage before a crowd of people and tried to make a name for myself, or even the last time I turned on this computer to write. Fortunately for me though, I’ve come a long way from “the high end of low” that I am speaking of. The time-frame from which I am speaking of course, is high school and anytime before then. Back then, I was so fragile you could’ve pushed me over with harsh words… and people did. I bent to the will of others. I let girlfriends trample on me. I allowed my friends to take me along on dangerous rides, and let people who I generally didn’t care for suck me into pressured events that jeopardized my character. And yet I have emerged, above them. Beyond them…and in some cases, pulling the strings on their marionette.

The reason I moved forward so dramatically, in my worldview, and ideology…is because I realized the problem with so much of our society is that we’re running low on trustworthy leaders, and admirable influential people to look onto as heroes. I started listening to heavy metal, which out of all the things that has happened to me…I can without remorse say that Heavy Metal has not only been my cornerstone on sanity; my level of perspective on every subject has broadened significantly since my rebirth as a leader. When I stopped considering the general outlook that people had towards me based on image, programmed reaction, and media-induced vanity, I realized how much I could accomplish. When you throw out the idea of “being ashamed to say what’s on your mind”, you unlock a doorway that is unfathomable to most people.

Your common thinker realizes their problems, and understands what is blocking their path. They then stare the obstacle down until they convince themself to back down, or lean against the object like a crutch. A hopeless, melodramatic version of Sisyphus; The boulder being their self-esteem and self-image. They try without emotion time, and time again to conquer their foe…but without the determination to break through social boundaries, and without the resolve to break the chains that are holding them to the foundation that is their apathetic existence, they will never quite make it up the hill.

People must come to be like I have, and drag their inner demon out. I say demon, because I’ve come to realize now, that it’s much more fulfilling to become the villain to society. Your heroes always look like a copious beam of light, ever guiding you in the right direction, but the second you see many of your heroes for the corrupt, vain, or even pointlessly disguised, your outlook on them will change forever. Self-esteem can be masked with over-confidence, and sometimes give off the right impression under the wrong ideals. With self-esteem, you must always use it as your “Wight”. A guiding force for the good of everyone around you, even if it feels like you’re fighting for an ideal that no one else believes in. With something inside you, driving you to better yourself and others…you’ll never have to be afraid to tell someone anything ever again. You’ll just know you can do it, because no one else will. The next time you get a chance, go take a look at your villains. They are bold, driven by a fury of willpower, and always know what they want. Your villains sometimes are the best example of what the courageous person looks like:

One who stands up in the face of others to voice their opinion, even if they may not be heard. Your villain can never disappoint you. Your villain is always driven to leave a scar on their target audience by some form of art. What that art is, will be entirely up to them. They can anger you, they can disrupt you, or disturb you. But you will never look at your villain and decrease your overall idea of them because they failed to do something distasteful for you that day. They are perpetually at the top of your antithesis list. You should pay attention to villains more often…as they are the facilitators of healthy self-esteem.

-Link (Everyone’s villain from The §ic)

~Jake, when taken out of character


One response

  1. Liane

    “My hero is considered a villain by everyone else” Interesting.

    February 20, 2011 at 7:54 AM

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