Verbal warfare through radical ideals

I want to write for you, but I just can’t.

Yes, that’s what it looks like when you have to watch someone else give up on life, because they are afraid of it. When you have to deal with people on a daily basis, you’re bound to be told by someone that they are the wrong person for a job, or that they cannot fulfill your request because of one reason or another. I used to believe it was because of incompetency, or because I simply DID choose the wrong person for the job. I realize now, that is incorrect. It’s not because they aren’t capabale of performing said action. It’s because they are afraid. Some people are terrified of having to commit to anything, and therefore will opt out of it using any excuse, even if it sounds desperate, or irrational.

I couldn’t begin to understand why people limit themselves, or why people bother to give an expiration date on their capabilities. It’s as if they are creating a boundary for themselves based on a self-esteem fueled image. That’s not only not healthy, but absolutely unproductive. When I seek people out for a job, I do it because I know a few things.

  1. The person is competent, and level-headed.
  2. The person is capable of thinking under pressure.
  3. The person weighs the options appropriately.
  4. The person is morally balanced.
  5. The person is trustworthy.

That’s why I don’t get it. Why people would not tend to trust my judgment more, and be able to live up to the expectations that I have for them. It’s not as if I’m purposefully setting them up for failure. It’s because I know their potential; I know their capabilities, and am willing to work with them to get tasks done. I don’t think it’s asking a hell of a lot, to show a little ambition when working in a results oriented organization. Not only does it show you care, but makes me 500% more inclined to go out of my way to do anything for you. I’m not hard to impress, and I’m certainly not one who doesn’t show their appreciation when a favor is done for them.

I know quite a few people within my organization, that go above and beyond the call of duty. These are the people who go into any project, fully knowing what they are about to partake in. They understand the concequences of their actions, and understand how it will affect the group, in what manner. These people are the ones I go to first. They are the people who consistently prove that not only can they handle large tasks, but they can handle the tasks within a reasonable time-frame, and given the necessary tools and resources can complete the task, or tell me it won’t happen. I will take their evaluation as tried, and tested, and move forward amicably from that point with a new strategy or idea. Much to my dismay though, there are quite a few people that I know who simply don’t live up to their potential, and don’t try to.

I push, I shove,  I even try to drag them part of the way…but no matter how hard I try I am still met with such a disappointing myriad of excuses at the end of the day, as to why they will never be able to do something, or why something is too difficult for them. It’s THAT……….That disgusting use of pitiful, self-loathing that makes me rip lock after lock of my hair out day in, and day out. WHY DO PEOPLE NOT CARE TO TRY?! Their excuse, unfailingly is nowhere near good enough. These people are sheep in puppet’s clothing, trying to hide behind the Rooks, and Knights, because of some inferiority complex, or something of the sort. These people hide their capabilities under a facade of not caring, and that’s usually their first go-to excuse. The fact that they “don’t care”, is a good enough reason for you to not prod them further, as they have “no desire” to do any better than they are. That’s horse-shit.  You’re staring the prettiest disguise in the face, and it looks like the female genatalia. That’s right, you’re a pussy.  I said it.

Now shut up, keep being a follower, rage behind your false disinterest, and prove me right even more. Here, I wrote a sad song for you. (Actually Dark Tranquillity wrote it, but I wanted to sound ambitious and clarify my point so I pasted the lyrics here…cry more). Go find the world’s smallest violin, learn to play it,  and sing along.

The unsaid tone of weak despair
Fail to resonate
Frayed end of our binding threads
Will disintegrate
By the laws our physique state
Failure to communicate
None too sentient
Hear no, see no works its magic
Against all function
Ongoing choices the trials will end
Filter the nonsense and laugh at what’s left
Indecision/non-vision what matters taken away
Look at the shell that is you
Empty, fragile, weak
Soon the battle is over
Lost to apathy
So overcome with pointless tears
To test pain receptors
Nothing matters ever here
Put up a non-reaction
These eyes will never see
Covered up from reality
Look at the shell that is you
Empty, fragile, weak
Soon the battle is over
Lost to apathy
The unknown world that you deny
No priority
Cannot fail if you never start
How predictable
I want to know where did it end
For madness to start
Always the sceptic and never be part
It matters not, not
Look at the shell that is you
Empty, fragile, weak
Look at the shell that is you
Empty, fragile, weak
Soon the battle is over
Lost to apathy
The shell that is you
Empty, fragile, weak
The battle is over
Lost to apathy

Enjoy, you marionettes.



One response

  1. The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
    —William Arthur Ward

    February 3, 2011 at 11:59 AM

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