Verbal warfare through radical ideals

This Headline is a Title

For those of you reading who have little to no intentions of reading beyond a literal translation, I will tone it down for you. There is a virtually small list of things that truly can piss me off beyond reason. However, the list for things that I become annoyed by continues to spread like an epidemic. One of those dreadfully bothersome things, is the art of the assumption. It rarely matters what. The overly steadfast art of reassuring yourself that you’re certain before you ask, or before you hear evidence otherwise is a plague upon humans. Like the old saying goes, “When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me”. How true it is. What’s even more pathetic, is the growing trend amongst insecure individuals to presume that they are being purposefully wronged, when more than likely it’s of the subconscious nature. No, as I’ve learned in the past; You can always rely on someone to be there to point a finger, even when there’s not an issue to point out.

Perhaps it’s the need of the ego to try and find fault in a situation, in that which you have strong emotions driving your reaction. It’s a flawed justification, but it doesn’t stop countless people from committing it anyways. The term “informed decision” doesn’t mean a damn thing, when you’re ready to go injure a kitten. But what I will more than likely never understand, is the capacity of highly emotional people to  carry out angst piloted bombers, ready to blindly fire upon your territory. Perhaps it’s fear, that compels one to act with such foolhardy ambition. What better justification for it? That makes quite a bit of sense when one considers the various different atrocities that have happened because of the fears of a single person or group. Perhaps it’s jealousy? Unfortunately, I’m all too familiar with this one. Once someone thinks in terms of favoritism, or prioritization that they have been purposefully pushed down the scale, and this causes them to feel threatened in terms of self-esteem, and residual self-image. In turn, they are then brought into a case where either they have to let it slide, and perhaps turn the other cheek…or act out in a hostile manner. Their initial reaction, is to engage their target in a frontal assault including the use of poor grammar, and heavy profanity. However, because their response is being force-fed by a constant need to reciprocate for what they feel is an injustice, they lash out with ferocity, often sacrificing any show of intelligence or competency in the process.

The product becomes a sin-spawn of blind rage, a personal attack wrapped up in a poorly constructed fashion. While they commonly feel better from their accomplishment, they usually fail to notice the fallacies in their logic, and forsake the importance of having a supported claim. When it is pointed out, instead of trying to come to terms with the mistake, they recycle their previous statements and continue to use volume over volition, while still making an idiot out of themselves. It’s all downhill from here, as their assumption has now become their reality, and like the many types of people blinded by faith, begin to then justify their reaction because of the misinformation. It no longer matters what actually happened or didn’t. It just matters that they know they’re right. Karl Marx once said that “Religion is the opium of the masses”. I disagree. It’s false certainty. Nothing could be more disgustingly arrogant, than believing something because you say it.

So, for those of you out there who make decisions out a misplaced sense of self-righteousness, or some some emotionally driven impulse…Stop. You’re not getting anywhere, and chances are, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Then again, if that previous sentence describes you, I’m wrong already and this entire post has more than likely angered you enough to write me and tell me how much of a pretentious dick I am. Please do. I’m waiting. Here’s a little verse for those of you who I’m talking to.

Disconnect and self-destruct one bullet at a time.
What’s your hurry, everyone will have his day to die.
If you chose to pull the trigger, should your drama prove sincere
Do it somewhere far away from here.



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