Verbal warfare through radical ideals

Dulcet Dissonance

I was recently answering someone’s question on another site, where they asked if “The taste a person has in music is a good indicator as to someone’s intelligence”. My original answer was short in comparison to most of my work, and in retrospect I now see it was poorly constructed. I said that “as much as I would love to say no, our society today is proving this answer to be closer to yes”. It was a sarcastically crafted, humorously dry comment left in an attempt to prod at the monster that rap is, the dull terror that country is now, and the retarded step child that pop has always been. Before I could even go back and take a second look at it, less than two minutes later I received a message, from a concerned citizen. In this message, she outlined how upset she was with me because of my message. Apparently, (because I’m not aware of this)  music has meaning to everyone, and all types of music carry meaning to people and have a message to say. Also, not all rap is about slappin bitches, and selling weed. Country also seems to have some poignant messages to relay, and pop is a very intelligent genre to be an artist in. I completely agree. Just look at these fine examples of modern lyrical genius that are being distributed indiscriminantly to our youth.

“Don’t try to treat me like I ain’t famous My apologies, are you into astrology Cause I’m, I’m tryin to make it to Uranus”. – Kanye West 

Yes, rap seems as if it’s the pinnacle of intellectual integrity. Let’s try country.

“Back when a hoe was a hoe, Coke was a coke, And crack’s what you were doing, When you were cracking jokes”. – Tim McGraw

How surprising considering he is such a highly revered artist of the genre.

“Now, the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger
But we kick em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger”. – Kesha

And of course, that wonderful beauty is Kesha. She’s the reason pop can be taken seriously. (that was painful to say)

As you can clearly see here, I am a delusional moron who loves his “screamo” fueled guitar-screeching crap and surely I must be out of my mind. I must have a neurological disorder to not see how such a finely polished group of genres could ever be considered not of the intellectual variant. /end sarcasm

Well, as it is “Ms. fails to see general disregard for vague question” if that IS YOUR REAL NAME, which I doubt it is…I do know that music has meaning to everyone. I also know that there are some highly superior artists in all of these genres. Take a look at rap. Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Public Enemy, and Rage Against the Machine are quite possibly some of the finest examples of cleverly written lyrics with meaning I’ve ever seen. As for country, you need look no further than Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. Both of these artists vicariously take life apart one hardship at a time, in an effort to clarify for the listener why it is so precious, and what there truly is to appreciate after all the trials and tribulations. As for pop, Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra alone define this genre. (perhaps just awhile back, but all the same they count) Jackson was one of the most politically involved artists of our generation, fighting for every and any cause that needed his support, as well as encouraging support for the impoverished and the equal treatment of people of all walks of life.

I’ll be the first to admit as well, that along with this list of highly competent artists of the less fortunate genres, rock and metal have their fair share of artists to whom I would question whether or not they have a mental disability. *cough HATEBREED cough*

But alas, this is where I must draw the line on the fair treatment of the other genres and artists. The point I’m trying to make is, no longer can you look to rap, country, or pop for music that is on a level of higher thinking. Quite frankly, many of these artists put out music in the vain attempt just to sell the record, regardless of quality; Creating it for an intelligent audience I’m sure is a distant second to making it to the Grammy’s every February. You hardly have to turn on a television anymore to see that MTV is the new home for slaves to reality TV and overrated pop culture music.

 The second one listens to some of the artists I have spent countless hours critically analyzing, you will understand when a musical artist is on a much higher level of thinking when writing. Tool’s entire album “Lateralus” is packed to the brim with subliminal messaging. Dark Tranquillity’s classic album “The Gallery”, is of one of the highest calibers of lyrical genius imaginable. Opeth’s damnation album, practically spawns talented melodies galore, as well as cryptically dark verses pretaining to every concept from life after death, to the fragility of the human condition. My point is, these artists don’t just work for their money, these albums are their musical, poetic, and ideological legacy.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, I grasp the concept that the musical preference of a person does not determine their intellectual capacity. However, the quality of overall musical complexity is certainly a damn good way to gain a little insight to the dogma of many people. It can tell you what kind of thought patterns a person may be carrying, as well as what type of a thinker they are, whether that may be highly creative, perhaps even a philosophical type, or a mathematical/methodical thinker.

But I think I’ll end this on a hostile note, and inform everyone that probably the reason rap/pop/country are all considered mainstream, is because the people who titled it truly know how shallow a stream really is. Now stop crying about my outlook on musical preference, and go read a damn book while listening to Slayer.



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