Verbal warfare through radical ideals

Where is the reasoning?

After reviewing the situation with Gabby Giffords, I have to ask myself. How many times do we have to watch people suffer under the barrels of assault weapons? These weapons have no usage what-so-ever. They have no conventional reason for being unless you’re mid fire-fight in a bloodbath war that you probably already don’t want to be in. My family owns a few firearms. The extent of their usage? Practically nil, except recreational usage at paper. I’ve been to a gun range a few times with him. I’ve fired my grandfather’s WWII revolver, and his hunting rifles a few times, and it was rather enjoyable. Other  than that, they are never used for anything. They are always securely locked up, and I grasp the situation to where they will not be used to harm someone else.
These are hunting weapons and relics, nothing more. So why is it that conservative America (I’m sorry, “insane America”) throws a tantrum everytime a useless weapon is used to indiscriminantly kill people? The second it happens, instead of taking a look at the weapon in perspective, they choose to backpedal to the most basic of arguments, that “it’s everyone’s right to own these weapons and no liberal is going to take them away from anyone”. As if that’s ever stopped them. Obama could’ve done the blatantly competent thing, and used this as a chance to say “ok, let’s reinstate the assault weapons ban that way these weapons will be in short stock in the states”. NO. Of course not! he chose to be the spineless carebear he is and hug the conservatives, as he tucked them in at night and handed them their teddy-bear and m4 rifle. He didn’t even bother to mention anything about controlling these guns. It’s as if he’s so scared of negative PR that he’ll do anything  possible to keep them from turning on him in this already flimsy bitter peace going on. If someone can honestly give me the conventional usage of an assault rifle that fires 31 bullets without reloading, BESIDES HUNTING PEOPLE…I’ll shut my mouth. Until then though, our country needs to get some god damn common sense.

I think people tend to forget that it was president Bush that was originally backed the assault weapons ban when it was presented under the Clinton administration. He even tried to do something useful with his overly conservative congress, and use the last of his time to stick on a 10 year reinstatement of the ban. Of course, like Bush liked to do though- he wasted the opportunity, and before the bill became a law, it expired under the term and was cast aside in early 2009.

When the hell is our country going to wake up and stop being the dumb republican’s puppet? No one is coming to take your guns, and no one is trying to infringe upon your 2nd amendment, as if any of you could decipher that for what it is without the NRA misinterpreting it for you.

I really hate to sound like a broken record (No I don’t), but if we’d just listen to the lessons the Kenndeys have tried to teach us, we would be in much better shape. If John was here, he’d have the balls to tell the country to shut the hell up and make decisions without having to worry about a series of wordless mouths trying to preach sensitivity to him. But no, he was killed by a Military grade rifle from italy. If we had listened to Ted, the volume of dangerous weapons such as that would have been minimized by the 90’s. But no, we stuck to the time-limited temporary ban that allowed us to bring some in after we felt no one else was going to die because of one. Good move. Remember Columbine? A Tec9 assault weapon was used to massacre the school. Patti Hearst got her hands on a M1 Carbine rifle. How many more do I have to cover?

Is our country so horribly blinded by the power of the gun that they have stopped caring what guns are available and at what risk?

(Why do I even ask? Of course we are!! Now I’m going to go clean my M16, that way I can prepare for the 2012 apocalypse where Jesus will come back and save all of us from minorities and other people trying to harm us. We all know Jesus would’ve been rocking a Glock if he was alive when guns became a trend).


2 responses

  1. Crony Capitalism at its finest.

    January 27, 2011 at 2:45 AM

  2. Ambero

    Everyone is convinced the world is going to end, and they have to be prepared to slay all the zombies and/or demons.

    I myself just ordered an AK off

    January 27, 2011 at 4:32 AM

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