Verbal warfare through radical ideals

This is where it starts. This is where it will end.

Under the useful advice I received during an interview, I am now creating this simple blog to chronicle my recreational time as a gaming clan leader, as well as show off a few of my writing abilities. It’s one of my passions,and I enjoy the group for the wonderful times they have given me, and many others around the world. We’re a group called “The §ic”, and we take great pride in being able to put elitist groups in their place with a little taste of their own medicine.

Perhaps people who are fans of our group as a whole, and new faces to our community alike will see this, and be inspired to check us out at our website of These entries will vary significantly from my usual persona as the clan leader “link”. Here, my name is Jake- and I am an aspiring writer attempting to get his foot in the door. Here, I will share my personal endeavors over my life and times in a brutally frank fashion that over time will hopefully bring new perspective to myself, and those around me.

I will ask, and answer philosophical questions. I will attempt to pick apart many of society’s weaknesses through multiple methods, all governed by  the logic and reasoning policy. I will analyze other gaming communities, and games in that sense. I will discuss leadership, responsibility, action, information, duty, resolve, and idiocy from the point of view of the outsider.

If you have questions, or comments, add me as a friend! You may also check The §ic gaming community out at If you’re interested in joining, apply on our site! Also, you may get ahold of me by adding me on my most used Instant Messenger, MSN. My name on there is I hope you won’t be disappointed by the series of entries following this that are sure to be a tirade of undisputed attitude. Thanks for reading———–

and Stay §ic,



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