Verbal warfare through radical ideals

A serious question posed…

Today I started wondering one of the questions everyone should be asking themselves. Whenever you take a look at current news, and how absolutely trivial it all is, why is it that all the wrong people are left alive? I understand perfectly the immoral nature of this question, but it stands to reason that all the wrong people die first. I’m rambling of course, to build up the momentum to the second everyone is waiting for, when I ask that grand question that is on everyone’s mind……….

Why the fuck is Ronald Reagan still alive at age 100, and John F. Kennedy is dead?!

(on a side note, I understand the absurd nature of this question. Reagan died in 04′, the problem being he is still idolized now for doing close to nothing except damage the economy, while Kennedy gets the occasional A&E special that turns out to be partially fictional. It’s an insult to his legacy, and to think that Reagan was a more notable president than Kenndey is a kick in the throat. Kennedy’s image should be alive and kicking, and Reagan should’ve gone out the door with the Slinky and the Swatch.)



One response

  1. Joe

    “Good” people perturb the system. The system is not in need of “good” people. The system needs bad people.

    January 26, 2011 at 5:56 PM

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